Prepare for your visit

We’re looking forward to seeing you and your pet. Here’s how to help make your appointment easier – and safer – in three easy steps.

Step 1: Book your pet’s appointment

Our team may contact you to see if our convenient drop-off service is right for you and your pet, or discuss your options should schedules or services shift.

Schedule an appointment

Step 2: Fill out your forms

Complete the Authorization to Provide Care, Card-on-File, and Patient Drop-Off forms along with other pet visit forms you may need. See a list of additional pet visit forms at the bottom of this page.

Get the forms

Step 3: Bring in your pet

  1. 1. Take all completed forms to your appointment. Be prepared to verbally confirm that you both reviewed the Authorization to Provide Care form and authorize care.
  2. 2. If you’re using our drop-off service, call us when you arrive so we can let you know where to meet the team member who will escort your pet inside.
  3. 3. Safely secure your pet with a leash or in a carrier. Our team member will meet you, take your completed forms, and bring your pet inside.
  4. 4. Please have your phone handy during your pet’s visit. We’ll call you with any findings and our recommendations and perform any necessary and authorized treatments.
  5. 5. When your pet's visit is complete, we'll call you with a visit summary, discharge instructions, and pick-up time. We’ll ask your approval to charge the card on file, then email both your invoice and your visit summary.
  6. 6. A team member will escort your pet out, and you’re ready to head home.

*For medications, just call in advance and we’ll arrange to bring them out to you.

Connect with care online

Chat with a vet online

Optimum Wellness Plan® members get 24/7 advice and support from Vet Chat™ on the Banfield app, or by logging in to your MyBanfield account.

Home Delivery and Online Pharmacy

To have products and medications shipped to your home, call us OR log in to your MyBanfield to use our Online Pharmacy.

Additional pet visit forms